Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Disney World III: We admired the castle while hangin' with the fam

This will be my final Disney World post. Aren't you relieved? Probably not as much by that as you are that I removed the "It's a Small World" music from my last slide show.

I am so far out of my bloggy groove...I've scared myself. I actually went 4 solid days. In a row. That's 96 hours people...without being online. No Facebook (or MyFace as my mom called it the other night), no e-mail, and no blogging. And the computer wasn't broken.

Just two shiny faces waiting for me to explore all of their new Christmas digs with them. And I obliged. Happily.

I did want to get the last of our Disney trip on record though...before 2009 rolls in.

We had a great time experiencing all of the magic of Disney with Jerry's family. His parents were a major asset from the beginning when Jade wanted to play musical airplane chairs.

And it was of course great to hang out with his sister Sandi and her family...who we don't get to see but once or twice each year.

We tried to get some shots of our own family, but the Florida sun would not cooperate. We were either shooting into the sun or the sun was shooting into us. The girls were a little over dramatic, don't you think?

I tried to get Lily with her Memmy and Paw in front of the castle...but once again she is shielding herself from the sun. A hat? Sunglasses? Why didn't I supply her with some protection for the sake of some decent pictures?

So, I settled for day and night pics of the castle, minus any family members.

Lily was so funny about wanting to go up into the castle. We did walk through the breezeway and saw the murals depicting the Cinderella story, but that was it. I had to tell her that Cinderella and the Prince needed their privacy when she began throwing a fit about not being able to go up into the castle. Thankfully she took me for my word.

I did learn one skill that my sweet Lily lacks...the ability to eat an ice cream cone before it melts. This place served her the tallest cone she'd ever had.

Her mother had previously sheltered her from such cones by always requesting low ones wherever we went. She had quite the struggle trying to stay ahead of the drips.

She ended up a complete mess.

We ended up putting Jade's jacket on her to relieve some of the stickiness, but later had to put her shirt back over it for a picture with Santa. I figured a stained red shirt would make a better Christmas photo than a clean orange jacket that was two sizes too small.

Then I noticed that the ice cream carnage must have made her crotch itch. Ahh, kids. They keep you humble.


Jennifer @ Taking My Time said...

We sure have enjoyed these Disney posts. Great pictures!

AmyB said...

I can remember being sorely disappointed at the age of 9 when I learned that you can't really go inside Cinderella's castle!

Carolina Mama said...

Happy New Year's! Love the one of you all and the Clauses!

Kristi said...

It looks like you had a wonderful trip! New Year blessings to you and your family!

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