Saturday, August 2, 2008

Waterpark Backfired

Pardon me while this sunburned and waterlogged momma whines.

Jerry is working at an event that has taken him away from home for 14 hours today. So, I thought I'd be smart and take the girls to the waterpark for a few hours this morning. That was the surest way to produce good long naps this I thought.

I forgot that I was mother to miss wide awake, only will nap occasionally, not affected by sun and water...child.

Problem is that said mother is so tired, could nap forever and totally affected by sun and water.

Top that all off with the fact that miss wide awake...was wide 6:43 this fine Saturday morning...7PM bedtimes are in order for included.

In the meantime, Starbucks will be collecting some of my money.


Rachelle said...

Sorry you did not get a nap! I hate to rub it in...but I did! HA! HA! I am going to try to call again....

Matt & Kristin said...

Matt was gone all day too. Then came home w/ a migraine, took a shower and went right to bed. Girls just got to bed at 8:51pm. Maybe I'll unpack some more.

We should try to get together soon. We're really close now!

Alana said...

Thank the Lord for Java!

R said...

Oh yeah, I stopped by Starbucks this morning too...I had to be at church at 6:30 AM this morning to volunteer at the Beth Moore Simulcast.

But you know what I did? Spilled it when I got to church. I spilled a good bit of my venti peppermint mocha in the backseat trying to gather up the girls' stuff they'd left back there. (A cluttered car makes me crazy.)

I'm sure not many people cry over spilled Starbucks, but this chick straight-up almost did! :0)

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