Thursday, August 21, 2008

I haven't flown the coop yet...

but may want to after this week and the weekend ahead.

Apparently I turned 32 and then lost track of time. I didn't mean to be a flat out liar when I promised I'd be back tomorrow to give you the rest of the birthday weekend scoop.

Life got a bit crazy this week. I've been doing some vacation relief work for my very part-time job. And it turns out that just a few more work-at-home hours turned this casa upside down.

I became a meaner than normal mama, let my girl play with scissors to keep her quiet, and was angry that the Disney movies seemed shorter than normal...even when she watched the previews.

When I was fearful late last night that I wasn't going to meet a deadline, I decided to call my in-laws so they could come care for the girls while I finished up and made a rare appearance at the office.

And they said yes. At 9PM the night before. And drove. Here. 2 hours.

My husband did not fall far from the tree. And boy am I glad. I love my in-laws to pieces and they are amazing.

They showed up at my house 30 minutes before expected...right as Jade was waking. Perfect. Did I mention they did a 2 hour drive at like five in the morning? Amazing. Those folks are amazing.

Then I worked like mad, put some big girl clothes on, and went in to the office. Where I like talked to adult co-workers and stuff. The things of dreams.

On my way home, when I could finally take a breath, I decided to call my mom. She knew I had been stressed and made some comment to the effect haven't updated your blog in forever my dear.

So when your mom notices that your blog is overdue for a post, you know it has been in neglect. Sorry folks.

I'm afraid more neglect is in order too. More vacation relief next week means that I get to spend the wee hours posting invoices...not bloggable moments.

So, not that I feel like I have a ton of "material" to pull from, but I think I may re-post some older blog know...before my readership grew from 2 relatives to 10 relatives and a few friends.

And if you are wondering why in the first sentence I mentioned that I may feel like flying the coop after this weekend, well...the posts I choose may help explain that.

We will be spending the weekend admiring a most probably bare bottom of a precious near 4 year old that resides with us.

The time has come to give another serious attempt to the solid form of potty training. It has evaded us for nearly two years now.

Say a prayer folks. Seriously. May the Lord honor our efforts. To Him be the glory.

I'll be enjoying keeping up with your blogs in the meantime. You better believe I'll need some breaks from the poo poo drama that will be going on in this house.


Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Um, yeah, I'd say you've had some pretty good excuses for your blog absence. Glad you're ok...

We'll be cheering Miss Lily on...she can do it...hang in there!

R said...

girl, i feel you on the potty training. it is NOT for sissies!
:0) and it's by far the hardest thing i've done as a mom thus far.

Jennifer @ Taking My Time said...

I thought Rachel would wear diapers to kindergarten and one day, poof, done.

We'll be patient waiting for your posts and you don't stress too much, okay?

" haven't updated your blog in forever my dear." Love that :)

wads and bob said...

Hang in there this's hoping (and praying) for poopy success! :) Oh, and happy birthday!!!!

Rachelle said...


The Sullivan Sitcom said...

Happy belated birthday!

No worries on the blog...mommy duties trump blog duties anyday!!

As far as the potty thing goes, She will totally get it! It just might be on her time! Praying for poop in the potty! Keep us posted!

Carolina Mama said...

Blessings to you and your little one. This too shall pass. May you have all the Mommy patience on the planet.

Carolina Mama said...

Blessings to you and your little one. This too shall pass. May you have all the Mommy patience on the planet.

MOM said...

Hi! It's MOM! Glad you got back to blogging. I hope Lily never gets to read any of the blogs about her poo poo problems. Promise me that. We are fervently praying for success here. By the way, you never mentioned that our dear Jerry had 10 days off. Jerry, if I were you, I'd go goose hunting in Minnesota. Season just opened last week.

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