Sunday, August 3, 2008

Facebook anyone?

I never thought I would sign up with one of those social networking type sites. Hello? What is blogger?

Oh well. The other ones like MySpace or Facebook. I wasn't ever really tempted by MySpace because I really thought it was for teenagers...and thankfully that is well over a decade ago for me. No offense to you if you are a MySpacer...some of my best friends are just more in touch with your younger side than I am.

Just within the past couple of weeks I've had a couple of friends mention joining Facebook. Rachelle said it was easy, so that perked my interest. Amy mentioned how addicting it is (at first at least) and I thought great...another computer time drain. But usually time drains are so

Jerry was out late last night and I found myself at the computer not really in the mood to blog or read blogs. I signed on to Facebook for the first time ever and it was easy. Then, when within 10 minutes, I had a couple of "friends"...I knew I was hooked. Then when I checked it first thing this morning I had 23 "notifications"...double hooked. Who knew I had so many cool people in my hotmail address book.

Carol even gave me a bumper sticker. Not real sure about that. Thanks though. I'm also unsure about poking people. What in the world? Is it nice? Sounds a little risque to me so I'll probably put that off for a while.

I haven't done anything to customize my page, or I guess that is called adding "flair" in facebook terms. But, I'm sure as the time drain continues...I will.

Tell me. Do you Facebook, Twitter or something similar? Do you see it replacing your blogging, or is it just another fun time drain?

If you're on...look me up...I'm accepting "friends"...tee hee! Oh and there are more than a few Kerry Gibsons out there...who knew? I've used the same profile pic that you see on blogger.

As long as the dust bunnies don't come out of their corners and unite against me...I guess I'll try to keep it up.

And Amy, since I joined, will you come back to blogging?


Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

I was introduced to Facebook before blogging. I didn't think I could blog because I could barely keep up with Facebook...and then I discovered there was a deeper level of (addiction) comittment within me and now I do both...and twitter (but I'm bad at twitter ;)

Have fun!

My2Gs said...

Crazy I know. I Facebook, Blog and Twitter.

Sassy said...

I'm on Facebook and twitter. Not so good with the twittering though. I've only really got onto that since I added it to my iGoogle page.

Jenn said...

I have facebook, it's great to be able to see people I went to school with and their kids. Since now I live very far away it lets me see what is going on with them and others I know from home.

R said...


i've been SO resistant to join either one, but it looks like i'm going to have to join to keep up.

let us know how you like it as time goes on!

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