Friday, August 22, 2008

Potty Training Boot Camp!

We are on the third day of my hubby's 10 consecutive days off from work! Yippee! How are we going to spend our time? Grand vacation? Trip to the beach? No, oh, no...none of those things would do. We are instead running a Potty Training Boot Camp! We already have our very first enrollee...Lily Grace Gibson! And considering our success with potty training in the past, we've decided one student is all we can handle. So, sorry folks, enrollment has been closed.

You may be wondering why we are just now attempting to potty train our 3 1/2 year old. It's actually been going on for some time now...about 15 months to be exact. Oh the excuses we could give...we have been on track several times, and then Jade was born, and then we realized there was a medical issue too. I won't go into all of that...I really don't want to relive it, and plus who wants to read details like: chronic constipation, will not poo in potty, Miralax, will not poo in potty, abdominal x-ray, will not poo in potty, rectal exam, will not poo in potty, mineral oil, will not poo in potty, deinnervation of the rectum, will not poo in potty, absolute frustration, will not poo in potty, serious prayers, will not poo in potty, more rectal exams, will not poo in potty, visit to Pediatric Gastroenterologist, will not poo in potty, Benefiber, will not poo in potty...All of this while we have poo poo prizes, charts, videos, treats, rewards, and THREATS (just kidding) in place.

So anyway, we now have an "All Clear" from the Pedi GI, so we are pulling out all the stops this week...let the Potty Training Boot Camp begin!!

I promise no pictures...even if we have success! Wish us luck though...better yet, say a prayer for us!! We are dealing with one "precocious" little the GI said over and over and over again.

***I am on a quick (hopefully, at least) blogging break/potty training sabbatical. In the meantime, I'm posting some fun and some not so fun...okay, none of them were fun, potty training moments.***

This was originally posted March 17, 2008. And to think that St. Patrick didn't send any luck our way. Shame on him.

Please leave me a comment...I'll still be checking in and keeping up with your blogs too. I just need to refrain from posting right now...I don't need any more poop on my blog.


Jennifer @ Taking My Time said...

Good Luck!

R said...

your post has me thinking that something may be wrong with my 2 1/2-year old? she's got #1 down fine, but she's not #2'd in several days! not even an accident! she tells me 3 times a day that she needs to, makes the mad dash to the potty and everything...and then nothing.


R said...

an update... (because i know you've been on the edge of your seat since i commented!)

M finally did the deed this afternoon. it took a long time, with several "false alarm" trips leading up to it, but hopefully she'll be a little more regular now. :0)

Alana said...

potty training - fun stuff ;-) Been there, done that. don't want to go there again...hope you have success!

Tricia Hoffmann said...

I am living vicariously through you and your blogs. I haven't updated mine in weeks. Bad Tricia. Just remember that every child is different. My friend's daughter was 4 1/2 before she was fully potty trained. God has some plan for you in this. What you ask? Who knows but in the end, just tell her you don't care if she poops in her wedding dress. You will be there to wipe her tooshie for her : )

Jamie HIndman said...

If it's any help. I don't know anyone who ever graduated from high school with a diaper on.

My sister had the same problem with her oldest child. My niece is 25 now and fully potty-trained hahaha. Although I think she was around 5 before it was all resolved.

All that to say, chin up you're not the only one and this too shall pass (no pun intended).

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