Tuesday, October 30, 2007

25th Annual Sweet Potato Festival

Blink and you'll miss it....Golden, TX...population 156...home of the Golden Sweet Potato Festival...and the town where my sweet father-in-law, Jerry Gibson, grew up. This East Texas town can put on quite a festival...complete with a huge parade, crafts, games, an auction, and sweet potatoes in more forms than I knew possible...fries, pies, chips, etc. They also have a cattle barn...it was classic hearing Jerry describe to Lily "the cow beauty contest" as the Ag students paraded their heifers around the arena. We've been going to it for years, but the past 3, it seems like it has been a bigger event...probably due to the Golden Sweet Potato being featured on one of Oprah's Favorite Thing shows...see more here . Anyway, it was a great day...such a sweet time seeing my father-in-law completely in his element...small town Texas....running into so many people he has known over the years, showing off his grandbabies, etc. Almost makes me want to give up big city life....just for a moment...then I realize the nearest Target and Starbucks is an hour away! I think we'll just plan a visit when we need our fill of small town life!

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