Tuesday, October 30, 2007

It was crazy!!

Well, we decided to go to the state fair...on Columbus Day of all days...we thought it would be good since Jerry was off that day...along with everyone else...be it banker, postal worker, or teacher/student of the 26 other districts that were also off we later learned! Jerry's parents had taken Lily for the weekend, so we decided to meet them there to pick her up and hang out at the fair together. They are early birds so thankfully we met them there around 9:30 or it would have even been more miserable!! The first two hours were fun...Lily did two of the cutest activities! Little Hands on the Farm was an adorable exhibit where she was able to go through the entire farming process...planting, watering, harvesting, and even selling at the market! It was fun for the parents too! Our friends Matt and Amy tipped us off on another fun event... the Pee Wee Stampede! The first 30 kids in line between the ages 3 and 6 get to participate in a stick horse rodeo...Lily was a steer wrestler...she wrestled her steer (a bale of hay w/a steer head on it) with no problem. After that it got so busy that we had to leave...we even left without getting a corn dog...you know the line had to be long to miss out on that!

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P & R said...

So glad you now have a blog! You must warn Jerry... your house will be a little messy because this can become an addiction you know...but so fun! Blog looks great! Welcome to blog land! Enjoy!

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