Monday, July 11, 2011


Yes! That is a picture of my foot below!

Can you see the bruising?

I would really like to be picking and posting pix from Jade's Tangled party right now, but instead I am going to explain why I will be putting my foot up.

Party T-30 minutes- I was making one more round around the kitchen table making sure things were just so and my hip, which is apparently bigger than I realize, hit a book off the window sill (we keep our kids devotionals there for after dinner) and it landed smack dab on my foot. The corner of it to right below my fourth toe. Ouch! It really hurt. Like REALLY hurt.

But, the party was going to happen so I went about my business.

Party T-15 minutes - I looked down at it and WHOA. It was popping out like a goose egg. Okay, so maybe more like a hen egg. Let's just go with robin egg. But man it was freaky looking. I showed my mom (nurse) and she said I really needed to do something about it. And when had it happened and why hadn't I done something sooner. Something like that. And then when she started talking about needing to stop the ruptured blood vessel in there I started to get woozy.

Party T-10 minutes - I am laying on our bed with feet up trying to put make-up on while Jerry and my mom are trying to find bandage wraps. Mom applies pressure, oh my, and wraps it real tight. I continue to feel woozy but do manage to get my make-up on (important stuff).

Party time! I answer the door hobbling with the ugliest puffiest ace bandage wrap you have ever seen.

That night the pain was bad. I had a conversation with Jerry at one point in the middle of the night that went something like, OMG...I can't breathe. It's throbbing. I think it is broken. What am I going to do all summer with a broken foot. Jerry!!! How am I going to teach the 2 year olds in the morning?!?

Sunday morning I was less worried about those two year olds than I was finding a church shoe to fit over the swollen foot. I would not be sporting ace bandage. Once a sandal was found then my mind turned toward how was I going to get to the church building. Early!

We go to an urban church and there is basically no close parking. Even senior citizens have to be SEVENTY to park in the lot. For the rest of us, it is a long walk. And sometimes up hill. Jerry was able to drop me off at a somewhat close door and then it was two year old time.

We only had FIVE. PTL! We never only have five. What are the odds of one of them sitting in a rocker and that rocker coming down on my foot? The injured foot?!? I was proud that I didn't cuss nor cry because I felt like doing both.

Then after church the dog, Duke, who is nearing 70 pounds, backed all of his weight right onto me. My foot! The injured foot! Ugh. Let's just say that Lily has asked, "Momma, what does 'damn dog' mean?" since then. Lovely.

But the real icing on the cake was today. We were continuing party clean up and Lily was helping me put bottled waters away. She was handing me two at a time and I was putting them in the fridge. When all of a sudden she decided to toss them to me. Just seeing this in my peripheral vision made me wince. And of course! Where does one land? On my foot! My injured foot!

I cried. Jade cried. And Lily just stared looking bewildered. Poor thing! And my poor foot!

I must go put it up. Promised the girls a blueberry picking trip early in the morning. Hoping my tennis shoe will fit!

Rapunzel pictures soon!


H-Mama said...

find myself grimacing while reading. my shin was injured by a tennis ball recently. a victim of an 11 yo's backswing. my entire front leg was purple and green for nearly 3 weeks. although now normal in color, it's still tender. maybe it was fractured? oh well. time does heal some wounds, right? ;) hope you are back to normal again soon! at least you now have an excuse for putting those feet up?? ;)

AmyB said...

Oh good grief! Postpone the blueberries and see a doctor!

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