Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lily...already a month past 7!

Before the onset of homeschooling this year, I couldn't fathom adding another after-school activity to ballet, tap, choir and soccer...times two children. But now that our days our less scheduled, we have been able to add piano lessons for Lily and gymnastics for both girls. Gymnastics has been a real hit, so I was not surprised when Lily wanted a gymnastics party for her 7th birthday.

But way before the party, first thing in the morning...we did the "birthday string".  Tied some twine in various rooms, leading her all over the house until it finally led her to her presents.  She loves this new tradition!

                                     ***                GO     RANGERS !!!           ***    

After Jade's soccer game it was finally time to party!

She was fortunate to have cousin Eli in town!

Loved this pic...worked great for her thank you note...

She had a great time...and I *think* her friends did too!

Cannot believe another year has flown by...7 sounds so OLD...and here we head to # 8!   We love you sweet Lily Grace...cannot wait to see what the Lord has in store for you over this next year.

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Christina said...

i would love to hear how you do it all with your part time job, being a mom, teacher, etc. It seems likes a lot of work! but very rewarding. i cant believe lily is 7!

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