Thursday, October 13, 2011

A little field trip to the White Rock Spillway

I started homeschooling Lily this year. It has been an amazing yet tiring time. ;) To speak of the good though, my favorite part of the whole situation is getting to take impromptu "field trips". Jade still attends Pre-K two days a week, so often it is on those days that we get out a bit more.

Our part of Texas has finally gotten some rain! Yesterday morning it was coming down as we dropped Jade off at school. Already in our raincoats, with umbrellas in hand, I knew just where we could go...the White Rock Spillway. Jade is terrified to even drive near it when it has been raining, but Lily? Lily was all smiles.

It rained on us as we walked, but it was so worth taking in the sights and sounds of all the rushing water.

It started to clear up as we were leaving. Time for one more pic...

...and then it was back to school!

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