Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

We have a Vampiress and a Rapunzel this year! And pictures from 3 different Pumpkin Patches to share...

This pic is one of my new faves of Jade...I think because the perspective makes her seem younger! ;)

This is the first year Lily has wanted to be something "scary".  My baby is growing up! Sadly, I enjoyed using the black waxy make-up on her lips and brows.  Of course she wouldn't let me stop without first adding "blood".  Oh my. 

Jade chose another wig when she went to trick or treating at school today...

No pictures of our jack-o-lanterns yet.  We started them Friday night with friends but then paused to watch the Ranger's awful World Series loss.  I guess we've been in mourning since.  Hope to finish carving before trick-or-treating tonight.

Happy Halloween!

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Joanne Kennedy said...

So cute...and scary :) I think when they start to grow up and want to switch over is it is sort of sad, don't you. They are growing up and leaving the little girl years behind.

But, they still are young enough to have fun and be our little girls for a few more years at least :)

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