Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Randomness, please exit my brain!

Maybe if I record the randomness floating in my head I will actually sleep when it finally hits the pillow. Here's to hoping!

*I created an Evite for a little Halloween shindig. Created it Saturday morning and then their site went down. The dern thing still has not gone out. Grrr....

*I love Whataburger's ketchup. It is the best. It totally deserves the name "fancy". I also love how Whataburger's menu items are rounded to the $ and tax is included.

*I actually don't frequent Whataburger often. Seriously.

*Tonight at Super Target the lady commented on how it was like I arranged all of my items on the belt in perfect bagging order. Of course...doesn't everybody? Must be that cashier job I had back in high school.

*Enough of the risque hoochie mama Halloween costumes...

*I think I have our costumes figured out for Living History Day at Lily's school. Two are actually bought...two I have to order yet.

*There is a bare wooden shield sitting in my living room. Needs to be painted and transformed into something spectacular for the previously mentioned event. Lord help me! The note from the school said that they hoped this would be a project we enjoyed doing with our child. I hope so too.

*Our Texas Rangers are in the World Series. I am thrilled for my father-in-law! I have known that man for almost 16 years now...and he has been hopeful of something big like this every season. It has finally happened!

*I have begun reading my first ever Francine Rivers book. People have been telling me to for years...wish I hadn't waited so long. Amazing stuff!

*My hubby installed a cat door to let our kitties (all THREE of them) in/out of our garage to do their business. Not having their food or litter box in our house has been life changing.

*Jerry will be travelling to India & Indonesia as well as possibly Nepal and Thailand next year. In one trip. Still trying to get my head around that one. Sounds like many, many days and nights without a daddy around.

*After having Lily start Kindergarten this year, I finally realize what Summer is all about. I am looking forward to Summer.

*It has been in the high 80s here...completely too hot for the end of October.

*Today I made a rare trip to the office for my part-time job. My normally 40 minute commute turned into 2.5 hours on the way home. That is 150 minutes of my life that I will never get to live again. What a waste!

*Guess what arrived in the mail today? Our Christmas card order! Woo hoo...I have no excuse not to get those babies mailed on time this year.

Well, I think that about does it.

Nighty, night.


R said...

i love whataburger ketchup too! unfortunately, i frequent there a little too, well, frequently.

i group my items on the belt, too, but i always wonder if i'm doing it wrong. i group boxes together, bags together, cans together, cold items together, fragile items together...is that wrong? i have no experience!

i really appreciated our 'last' summer this past summer...it began to sink in that M would be in school next year!

score for you on the Christmas cards! we're getting our photos done in nov., so i'm way behind. gah!

it's 3am. i can't sleep! i was happy to see that you popped in to see me on my blog. thanks for the comment love! :0)

Rachelle said...

Good for you for reading! It has to be one of my favorite things. Enjoy!

We had our family pics taken on Sat. Maybe my cards will get in the mail on time this year..??? :)

Leventhal Family said...

I too put my groceries on the belt in order...more according to how I will put them away at home, but still there is method to my madness!

LHD costumes thanks to the costume closet at school...otherwise I'd be trying to make them amidst all the other things on my to do list!

I have TWO bare shields sitting in the office closet...sure to be avoided until the last minute!

Francine Rivers - I put it off too and had the same thought that I wish I had actually listened to my friends on that one!

Summer - feels like it outside! Had to go grab shorts back out of the bins in the garage because I'd already switched us to fall attire.

Christmas cards??? Won't be doing those this year...maybe I'll send out an email! :)

H-Mama said...

Christmas cards? You go, girl! :)

I agree... too hot for this time of year. Crazy southern weather.

I hear you on the travels... No fun. Hubs will be going back to Alaska soon. The northern tip... you know, wind chill 70ish below. Crazy!!

Yay for moving pet 'stuff' out of the house. ha.

Have never worked at a supermarket, but we always arrange food in categories for bagging. Glad we're not alone. :)

AmyB said...

Whataburger has the best ketchup, Francine Rivers is great, I group items on the belt as to how they should be bagged, I don't miss wasting my life in traffic, I still need to order Christmas cards, and I am so proud of the Rangers!! :)

Amy@My Front Porch said...

Totally with you on the grouping like item on the conveyor belt -- I, too, blame it on the 4 years I spent as a cashier in high school.

Francine Rivers...AMAZING. One of my favorite authors of all time, Redeeming Love one of my favorite books of all time. Which book did you read?

And oh yes...let's please retire the hoochie mama Halloween costumes. Blech.

Lisa said...

My husband totally loads our cart in a perfect bagging order as well...me, not so much!

As for francine rivers...her books are amazing!! I got into a few a while back, my favorite is still Redeeming Love. If you haven't read it...you must!

Dionna said...

I've never been to a Whataburger. But that is cool that they include tax on their prices.

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