Tuesday, October 12, 2010

October...slow down please!

Ah...I just love October. The weather is perfect and there are sooo many fun fall activities going on.

You could find me at any one of the million pumpkin patches in the area, the Dallas Arboretum or of course the State Fair of Texas...any fine day of this month.

I just wished it lasted longer. Jerry has a training all day this Saturday...to me it is a crime! Being cooped up in a classroom? On a Saturday? In October? Pure craziness.

While I won't take on the State Fair of Texas without him, we have too many pumpkin patches to visit to wait for daddy! Jade didn't have preschool today, so we sent Lily on her way and headed with some friends to explore the "Great Pumpkin Festival" going on at the arboretum.

We visited the petting zoo,

Posed for pictures at the pumpkin houses,

Stopped for some pumpkin stew,

Got some other great shots,

and of course saw lots of pumpkins, other squash and gourds.

Can you pick out the Apple Gourds? How about the Peanut Pumpkins or Tiger Striped Pumpkins? Or my favorites, the Long Neck Swan Gourds? Sadly, I can identify all of them.

Just call me the pumpkin lady. I'll be here all month.

1 comment:

Rachelle said...

Enjoy the pumpkins! By the way - Jade looks 20! When did she grow up???? UGH!

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