Friday, October 29, 2010

The Lord's Prayer - For Grandparent's Eyes Only

Why? Why would I not want to share with everyone when my sweet Kindergartner recited The Lord's Prayer in chapel last week with another class?

*the camera-it's shaky.
*tripod was needed.
* might get ill.
*the video-it's grainy. I was way too far back!
*if you haven't been studying Lily since birth, like they have, you may not be able to identify her.
*the constant clicking...I was surrounded by paparazzi.
*my husband. He was one of them. I told him to.
*the flashing. It could cause a seizure. My blog is not insured.

You were warned!

On a more serious note, I love that they not only memorized this passage, but that they really learned the meaning behind each petition.

We had her first parent-teacher conference two weeks ago. We were a bit nervous. Not as much worried about the academic part as we were other things. Does she stay on task? Does she listen? Is she respectful? Kind? Helpful?

When we arrived I think I was in nervous chatter mode...and her teacher paused and said, "Shall we begin in prayer?". My heart sank. I thought we were either really in for it or this is the most amazing teacher we could have ever picked for Lily.

Turns out she has a pretty amazing teacher! Whew!

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