Thursday, October 7, 2010

Crazy Hair Day!

Mom! I can't decide if I should wear my hair like a squid or an octopus!

That is the statement I was approached with from Lily this morning. It is Homecoming Week at her school so the kids have been asked to show their spirit in various ways each day. Since she only goes 2 days a week, she got 3 privileges rolled into one day: Crazy Hair, Crazy Socks, and Casual Dress.

I couldn't remember if a squid had 8 or 10 arms, so we just went with 8 ponytails and I figured she could use her own two arms if she needed them to portray a squid. Their mascot has nothing to do with sea life by the way. *ahem*

Here she is showing her socks to Blackie. Guess he wasn't scared off!
I haven't taken/downloaded many pictures lately. So it was funny to me that the only other pictures on the camera were these from last week.

Jerry was out of town and they honored me with an evening at the spa.

My eyes were sore the next day from the application of all that purple eye shadow...and no, it isn't of her 6th birthday Lily now has her own make-up!

It was the best spa treatment ever (my only one to date I should add), and great preparation for crazy hair day!

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Rachelle said...

This is my fav pic of you with your girls. You all look like your having fun!

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