Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It started out as a peaceful evening at the fountains...

It was Saturday evening. We had worshipped our Lord, filled our tummies and even enjoyed some yummy Corner Bakery cookies. It was time for a quick stroll over to the fountains.

We were enjoying watching them enjoy each other.

Looking into these eyes as they ran by and paused for a second.

Trying to see the world through their eyes for a few moments.

Watching Jade perfect her two footed hop and Lily flirt with the water in the unusually vacant fountain area.
I'm sure most people were on the other side of the shops, playing in the other fountains with the intention of getting wet...possibly with their kids dressed in swimsuits for the very occasion.

Not us though, we were just there to watch, listen, play and enjoy each other's company.

Daughters, sisters...finally friends...running in the evening sunlight.

Parents, lovers...always friends...sneaking quiet moments on the park bench together...thanking God for the two precious gifts before their eyes.

And then it happened. A splash, followed by screams and two, once quiet parents, running full force.

Not even a consoling hug from sister could help.
A busted lip, a scratched face, a scared and very wet girl.

The peaceful evening had ended, but not without a wonderful summer memory having been made. Wet cries and all.


Lizz said...

amazing little girls! looks like they had fun :)

Rachelle said...

What's that ld saying? It's all fun a games until someone falls in the fountain and busts a lip!!!?!!! Ouch!

Priscilla C. said...

Sigh. Do you ever get used to the fact that "quiet" evenings will no longer be? Can we mothers ever get used to the inevitable mocking of nature pulling our children down to its hard surface full force to cause a "quiet" time ending with wails and blood? We watch while we can grasp the memories knowing that soon-its all fun and games til someone gets hurt! Trust's much worse with boys! Thanks for sharing, though! It only takes me through the endless memories of deciding whether or not a head wound is big enough for ER care or should I do this myself....the warnings of "you're going to get hurt" going unheard until someone does. Sigh. Motherhood...gotta love it!

Jennifer Rutherford said...

Poor thing! I couldn't agree with Priscilla (above) more!

Mama Belle said...

Sounds familiar. Looks like they had a blast despite the bumps and bruises.

Michelle said...

Oh, poor Lily :( that sad face breaks my heart. I'm glad she's okay. I can't wait to see those girls in person again...

Lora said...

It was just a matter of time, wasn't it? lol Very cute pics, too!

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