Monday, August 24, 2009

Ballet/Tap 101...for Mommy

I thought we had signed Lily up for some ballet and tap lessons...but I think mommy ended up learning the most.

Thankfully we have the second session today where I can prove I learned my lessons.

Last week I wore my "outside, non-dance" shoes into the studio. *gasp* But it wasn't until Jade also wandered into the studio with her little "outside, non-dance" shoes that we were gently corrected. Oops.

I did recall from the recess of the dance etiquette portion of my brain that we weren't to wear our dance shoes outside the studio, and thank goodness I did...imagine the looks we would have gotten.

They kindly handed us a "Dancer Policy Handbook" on our way out. I have a feeling I will be the only mama reading it word for word. It seems all the other mothers had gotten the memo already...especially regarding hair.

I originally had taken this picture to capture the word "dance" written so cutely across my daughter's hiney.

But now I can't even look at it without gasping over her wild hair. They had told me to "secure" her hair for the lesson. Boy, am I a rookie. I slapped that hair into a pony tail and called it "secured".

See all the other little ballerinas? Notice their nicely secured hair?

Hair that was carefully and painfully pinned into ballet buns not as they rushed out the door to their lesson but probably hours before as they prepared diligently in advance.

In the words of the "Dancer Policy Handbook" swinging hair will be tolerated. I started to feel bad for Lily...oh how her mother had failed her. And then I thought about my hair styling deficiencies and how I had no clue how to properly secure her wild hair into a neat ballet bun resting gently on her head.

Thankfully the mama sitting next to me filled me in on a little tip. Apparently a little tool has been made for hair styling challenged mamas just like me. And being the kind person she was, she not only told me where to get one, but offered to show me how to use it at today's lesson. What a gem!

A mere hours later, we arrived at the cutest dance boutique a girl could ever dream of. Oh the tutus and leotards of every shade of pink imaginable. The dance bags in every shape and style possible. The shoes and accessories were countless. But I was on a mission...pushing through to the hair bows, clips and bobby pins...and then I laid eyes on it...the "Whirl A Style" was in stock. I flipped it over expecting impossible instructions and difficult to follow diagrams. But alas, it simply said, "Saisir, Enrouler, Fixer". Oh wait, that must be in French. "Grab, Roll, Snap"...I think I can do it! I can whirl a bun! Well, it is still sitting in it's package, but I will try it on Lily when she wakes up. Yes, hours in advance I will prepare with diligence. No more swinging hair!

I had to laugh at the dance boutique though...with all of the frilly girly stuff there, Lily focused in on this one accessory.

Does this scream 80s or what?
Who didn't have one of the brushes that could be turned inside out like this?

I had to tell her no though, because baby, once your mama gets your hair "secured", there will be no brushing allowed.


Michelle said...

I love it! Only because I learned the same lessons last week at Sweet Pea's first dance class. Let's just say I can't wait for soccer to start!!

I love Lily's pants, btw :)

H-Mama said...

very cute. i must find one of those! ;)

Mama Belle said...

Don't worry, Mom, her hair looks great. My little one always had the hair that came down from her bun. Oh, well.

Jennifer Rutherford said...

Wow! This ballet stuff is serious! I had no idea!

Laura said...

OMGoodness! I can't get over how strict your dance school is on the little girls. At Alise's school, she's doing good to have her tights on! LOL! And I LOVE Crazy Dazy, too!

Rachelle said...

WOW! They are hard core! Glad you found the right tool to tame the swinging hair! Shew....

Lora said...

How funny! I would've so been a delinquent mama right there with you!

And I love that little brush, too:)

Kristin said...

I totally know where you're coming from. Thankfully, the dance studio we go to doesn't strictly enforce these rules on the little ones...although the same rules are posted. But, I will say that as a child, I experienced what it was like to have a mother with no hair styling abilities....that must have been before the twirly hair device. So, where can I purchase one of these SO needed instruments? I also don't want my daughter taking the brunt for my lacking bun skills.

Melissa said...

My stars. What the heck? Military bootcamp? Sheesh! Shouldn't it be fun for Lily - instead of fearing mom is always going to get scolded for something? I'd demand my $ back. I really would. Then I'd go down the street & enroll in another. ;o)

I'm so glad that Cailyn doesn't want to do dance! LOL :)

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