Saturday, September 13, 2008

We interrupt the Hurricane Ike coverage for...

a little blog award fun.

Not that I don't take hurricanes seriously, but if I see one more second of footage that involves a drenched weatherman nearly being blown away while giving a report...well, I might just have to change the channel. So I can see a different weatherman do the same thing.

These are the days I wish we had cable. You know, so we could get more in depth coverage of the storm.

I could understand all the news if we were really going to be affected by the storm. But when I wanted to make a quick trip with the girls in and out of the local Walgreens yesterday, but instead got stuck in line for fifteen just seemed like a lot of hype. As I saw case after case of bottled water being purchased...along with WEATHER RADIOS...I got a little annoyed. We are, after all, a good 300 miles from where it made landfall. A weather radio? Please. Please put that money towards the needs of the thousands of people who are taking refuge here during the storm. They may not even have homes to return to when it's all done.

Don't even get me started on the gas lines in town.

You can see that I'm not in a good posting frame of mind. Let me lighten things up a bit.

I've recently had a couple of blog awards passed my way. The fun part is that I get to pass the love on to a few of my favorite reads.

Thank you Brandy, for the Brillante Blog Award.
I'm supposed to pick seven other bloggers to spread the love to. Wow. Seven. Here goes:

*Rachelle @ With One Step...because I figure the more I butter her Texas Toast, the more likely she'll be to move back home. Then I can introduce her to Jaret Reddick (see post below).

*Alana @ A Kiss, A Hug, and A Squeeze...because she is a mom of boys and on a I can relate to and the other I'd love to have the chance to; both of which I love reading about. And because her hubby secretly wanted to attend Jade's 1st Birthday party.

*Jennifer @ Three Men and a Jenn...a friend of a friend and another mom of boys...who I am so glad has recently started a blog. Welcome to blog world, Jenn.

*Tricia @ Trends With Tricia...she's a realtor friend and I think I enjoy her blog because I'm a closet realtor wanna be. Go check her out. I owe her a favor for helping us lower our tax appraisal this year.

*Jackie @ Our Moments, Our Memories...I just love her writing style and I'm sure you will too. (PS...Jackie meet Rachelle...Rachelle meet Jackie...y'all both have CFNI connections)

*Traci @ The Sullivan Sitcom...Cute blog Name, Cute Blog header, and Cute blog kids. Plus, we both know what it is like to have a preschooler in an arm cast.

*Marci @ Joy in the Journey...I love the way she writes out her praises, she also has a daughter named Lily, and she has quite the knack for photography.

Thank you also to Sarah @ Life in the Parsonage, for the I Heart Your Blog award. I'm pretty sure the whole world reads her, but in case you don't...go a minute that is. This is the first blog award I've seen that is actually cute.

I'd like to pass it on to 2 old teacher friends of mine and 3 old church acquaintances that I would have never guessed I would have reconnected with via blogging. I heart their blogs for many different reasons...their honesty, humor, struggles, faith...they are all worth a visit.

Wow. Can I get the award for most links in a single post? Some of these gals may have already been awarded these before. I'm terrible at keeping track. And no pressure to pass them on either. If that's your thing, great. If not, I understand.

Well, thanks to Ike, I think today is shaping up to be a great day to fly a kite (Lily's latest poopoo prize).

I better consult my weather radio though just to be sure.


Alana said...

You are so sweet! Thank you. I love that you linked to my little commenting snafu...still laughing about that one!

Irritable Mother said...

What would you think of long gas lines in Michigan??? There was a rumor going around that gas was going to go up to $6/gal. because of Ike - and you should have seen the lines yesterday!
And we're WAY more than 300 miles away...
Hope you enjoyed your kite flying.
Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope you'll visit again soon. *grin*

Melissa said...


Tricia Hoffmann said...

You crack me up. I know you aren't alone because there are sooooo many people who love real estate! Next time you go to a party or get together, someone usually brings it up. Maybe that's because I'm there??!! Love ya!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Well thank you, Kerry! :) I will pass it along as soon as I can get a post's been crazy 'round here.

So what is new in the potty training department?

Rachelle said...

Thanks! Maybe they should come out with blog award certificates that cn be printed out, framed and hung on the wall...Then we would all feel real important! =)

Suzie said...

I love award posts

Sarah Markley said...

greek yogurt - love it! i buy the nonfat kind and sweeten it with splenda. a lot of people eat it with honey. it is super creamy. =)

The Sullivan Sitcom said...

Wow! An award, that's so cool! However, since you also gave awards to two others that I read....I may have to spend some time reading new blogs just to find seven to pass the award on to!
I'm with Rachelle, I would soooo print the award out and hang it by the computer! Love that idea!
Thanks for thinking we are so cute!

Jamie @ Purposeful Pursuit said...

Congrats on the much deserved awards!

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