Friday, September 12, 2008

Date Night Distractions

Thanks to this place, we were able to head out for a last minute date tonight.

We went here and sat on the patio. Hurricane Ike hasn't affected our area yet, so it was just warm with a nice breeze.

I noticed a guy walking in with is family, and it struck me that he looked familiar. Jerry said, wow, we now have a former Dallas Cowboy sitting next to us. Then just as he was getting settled in, Jerry pointed out another well known guy who was sitting at the other table next to us. He happens to be neighbors with one of my friends. Crazy.

Anyway, our date night was suddenly very distracted. If not by them, by the fact that although only a few people approached them, tons, I tell you TONS, near and far, stopped and STARED at them. Nudged their wives or whoever was with them, whispered, and then STARED some more.

I would never want to be famous. It's bad enough shoveling Mexican food in your face as it is. Being stared at while doing it? Well, like I said...I'm very glad to be a nobody.


Rachelle said...

Jaret Reddick is the guy that sings "Come Back To Texas"...I love that song! You should have asked him to sing it for me and taken a video with your FLIP....You just might have got me to come home....I guess I will be in PA forever.

life with the wisners said...

well, well, well...aren't you guys fancy?

um, that dallas cowboy? i watched for four years when he played college ball.

dude. what a night out.

and i heart adventure kids.

Martha Cox said...

Kerry, Have I told you that we have a baby sitting co-op? Let me know if you are interested.

Jaret & Melissa used to live next door to us and they moved last year. Boo hoo! Small world.

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