Thursday, September 11, 2008

I now know how to get comments.

Lots of comments. 30+ comments.

And it is so easy. No real effort at all.

This is what you do. Write a post. Post the post. And then don't come back for ten days or so.

And when you will feel lots of love. The comment kind of love.

Sorry folks. I seem to have disappeared again. Not really intentional.

It was more like...preschool started, extra hours at work were demanded, small group started up again, and I finally am attempting a Bible study at church.

I haven't done one of those since Lily was itty bitty. Now Jade is more than itty bitty and it is time. Anyone done Beth Moore's Believing God?

Anyway, something didn't feel right about postponing Bible study in order to keep up the blog.

And believe me, there are so many posts swimming around in my head. They are perfecting all sorts of strokes. It's exhausting.

It's easier to push quiet time with the Lord when you don't have an accountability group staring you in the face every Wednesday morning. I need that accountability and am so glad to have it again.

How do the rest of you guys balance it all?

Other news. I added Blogger's new "Followers" tool. It's over there on the left under my subscriber box...just above my blogroll. Do you want to follow me?

I'm easy to follow...just one post every ten days or so.

Just kidding. I'll be back shortly. A couple of blog awards were recently given to me and I plan on passing those on pretty quickly.

Comment Love + Award Love = Happy Blogger.

I'm off to make some other bloggers happy. Peace out. (That was for you, Rachelle)


Anonymous said...

You are so funny. Well here is some love for the next time you check back. H

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Was starting to wonder about you...glad to hear all is well. I am SO wanting to do that Bible study...let me know how it is, I'm sure it's incredible.

Rachelle said...

Thanks for the peace out! I needed it today! I'll take all the peace I can get today! Call me....have I got a story for you...OH, and PEACE OUT =)

CarolinaMama said...

Sure most of us totally understand - it is that time of year. Glad you're back and well!

wads and bob said...

LOVE "Believing God." Hope you enjoy it, too!

Ginger said...

I tho't for sure you were gonna say: be controversial! That's how I get lots of comments. lol

BoufMom9 said...

Just found you through BlogHer :)
Don't comments make you feel all warm & fuzzy!?!

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