Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Jade is halfway to being ONE!

I know saying it like that makes her seem older than she really is, but hey, its the truth! I can't believe half of her first year has already passed. I honestly don't know where the time has gone!!! She is a super great baby. Sleeping, eating, rolling over, and even sitting up...for a few weeks now. I can't imagine being stuck on that airplane for 8 hours with any other child...not even my Lily...actually, ESPECIALLY not Lily!!! Not that Lily isn't great, but if any of you had to choose...lap baby or non-stop talking, climbing 3 year old....? It's an easy choice!

Here are Jade's 6 month stats:
Length 26.5 inches
Weight 18 lbs 7 oz

Both fall between the 75th and 90th percentiles. Let's just say her thighs had plenty of space for the shots!!!

Here she is making a fashion statement with her purple knee highs! Actually this is her mother's lame attempt at keeping her socks on! I have bought all brands of socks ranging from The Gap to Target to just plain Hanes...I can't find a size or brand that will stay on her feet!!!

I just hate waking my sleeping beauty, but I had to the other day to go pick Lily up from preschool. She was so deep in a peaceful I grabbed the flash camera! The flash didn't even wake her up! Poor thing! That is the life of being the second child!

Someone once told me that life always goes at the pace of your oldest child. I think that is so true. Life pretty much stopped for Lily's nap schedule. Jade, however, gets woken up on a near daily basis to go do whatever we've got to do...whether it's Lily's preschool, playdates, dance class or even church. At least Jade goes with the flow. Come to think of it, Lily probably would have too. I was just a Nap Nazi!

Well, here's to the next 6 months Jade!


wads and bob said...

Happy half-birthday to Lily! She is adorable. Funny how those 2nd- born are just so easy-going. Glad all is well-

The Cunningham Family said...

hi! cute blog!! you need to get some Robeez shoes. i absolutely love them! libby wears them during the day & night (to keep her socks on). plus they are super comfy & cute :)

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