Thursday, December 27, 2007

Still Celebrating!

This has been a great Christmas! We have already celebrated 4 times with different parts of the family and there is still one more celebration to come. We head out for snowy Wisconsin tomorrow morning for Christmas with my dad's side of the family. Lily is so excited about the snow and can't wait to go sledding with her cousins. She doesn't even know what sledding is, but we've made it sound fun, so she's in! I had a funny conversation with one of my WI aunts the other day....she was telling me about all the snow they were getting and I asked (stupidly...being from Texas!) if the snow would last until our visit....she laughed and said it would be around for months most likely! Well, I didn't know! Here our snow comes in the morning and has melted by afternoon!! Then she told me to be sure to bring the girls' snow shoes and snow suits!! What? Not only do we not have those, I wouldn't even know where to buy them!!! She wasn't referring to ski clothes! So, they've been on a mission to round up snow gear for the Texas crew!

We will also be attending my grandpa's memorial service while we are there. I am glad they were able to postpone it until our visit.

So, no pictures at this posting time. We just got a new digital camera (all this time I've been scanning in pics!), so once I get that all figured out I'll post one big Christmas slideshow! I am a big fan of the film camera, so we'll see how I well I do digital!


Stephanie said...

You will LOVE having a digital camera!!!
Have fun in some cheese curds for me! My friend (who lives in Iowa) sends me pictures of the snow. Get ready! There will be A LOT of snow. I can't believe all the gear you have to have for your kids when you live in a place like that! I did see some cute rain boots at target that could go as snow shoes maybe (if you put warm sock layers on). Then, you could wear them when you get back! I'm glad I'm not the only one that has 17 Christmas celebrations to endure! Whew!

P & R said...

When will you be back????? Can't wait to hear about how Lily liked the snow!!! I hoped you showed her how to make a snow angel....

- Rachelle

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