Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmas Parade

We decided to check out the local Christmas Parade this weekend. And although it turned out to be more like a walking advertisement for a bunch of businesses, it was still fun. Fun to sport summer clothes and flip flops on December 8th! One of the firefighters threw Lily a beanie bag puppy which really made her day! Some of the floats passed out little toys and balls as well which was fun. Beyond that it was CANDY, CANDY, CANDY!!! You know it is too much candy when towards the end your 3 year old gets too lazy to get off your lap and pick it up!

Sporting the double stroller!

Lily really enjoyed the marching bands! She is into all things musical. We love that about her! It was also really sweet to hear her shout Merry Christmas back to everyone on the floats as they passed by. She learned quickly that if she said it loud enough they'd be sure to notice her and throw candy her way! Manipulation starts at such a young age.....

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