Thursday, December 20, 2007

Picture Outtakes

We recently went to get pictures of the girls and as I was picking out some to show you, I couldn't resist the outtakes! We just went to one of those cheap places that move you through like cattle. But despite that, and the fact that I get so stressed out over pictures, we did get a few good shots that I'll post after the outtake slideshow.

I do feel sorry for the girls though...they are cursed with a mother who doesn't know how to do hair! Who could have thought I could have screwed up on Jade's hair? She doesn't even have any! I put one of those stretchy band things in and a bow on it...obviously I didn't know what I was doing...I cringe everytime I see the metal clip! I've always felt inadequate in the hair dept...when confessing this to one of my old teaching buddies, she told me she had a book on doing little girls hair, making bows, etc...I NEED THAT BOOK! Of course she's the kind that handmade matching bows for every outfit and even her daughter's swimsuits! Love you, Jane!

Of course even our favorites looked a little better than they do here...they cropped them and added all the finishing touches!

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Tricia Hoffmann said...

Welcome to the club, sister. That curly hair is something I haven't dealt with...except for my own perms. We will suffer together!
Hope you had a great Christmas!

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