Thursday, December 19, 2013

One more day?

There is a really good view of downtown from where I sit.  I'm bored enough that I actually sent an e-mail to A&E about the whole Duck Dynasty dust up.  I'll let you imagine what my opinion is.

We were hoping to be going through the discharge process right now but we are not.  Nausea set in for Kerry last night and seems to be sticking around a bit, so we are in for another day.  She is still ahead of expectations though!  Perhaps she looks today like she should have looked yesterday.  She felt and looked pretty much normal yesterday.  We aren't exactly sure about the reasons behind the slight step backward but it's probably related to feeling a little too good yesterday.  This is good for us I think, because we were probably a bit over confident and not taking things as slowly as we should.  After last nights bout, we are fine to stay another day to make sure all is well.  If we leave tomorrow, she will still be leaving a day earlier than expected.

Prayer needs:
-nausea and underlying cause be gone
-continued pain management
-continued momentum in healing
-continued strength to work hard toward recovery
-reemergence of a good appetite

Thank you for praying.  I like knowing that God is hearing Kerry's name a lot.


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