Monday, December 16, 2013

From the ICU waiting room

We have reached the stage where we change to the ICU waiting room.  Praise God the tumor is removed and that she has done well so far.  They are closing her up.  Next comes the part she fears most - the wake up.  Please pray for an uneventful wake up from anesthesia and coming off the ventilator.  The thought of her struggling through that makes me anxious.  It should happen within the next hour.

Other prayer requests that came out of our meeting with the surgeon just now:
-Pray for no bleeding.  He had to cauterize a major artery the tumor was attached to
-Pray for test results on the tumor (to officially be the "good" kind)
-Pray for her transition into ICU - especially over the next 24 hours
-Pray for her next couple of sleepless nights
-Pray for minimal pain - this work was done in a more sensitive location of the skull

Thank you again for taking Kerry to the throne of God.  I hope we get to see her in the next couple of hours.


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