Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Early morning shopping woes and someone is FOUR!

I tend to grocery shop at night. There is a perfect timing. The kids need to be down but it can't be too late. Too late would mean that the night stockers might be working (pain!) or that when I get home Jerry is already in bed and no help with unloading.

Well last night I was too tired, so I decided to make an early morning run today. I got there at 6AM. Though the door opened the store was dimly lit. Like maybe every third aisle had lights on above it. And the dairy section, oh my, I was just hoping I picked the right cheese. Night stockers were still finishing too.

By 6:45 the full lighting system came on. My buggy was full by then though and I was headed to check out. No check outs open! UGH. I asked the attendant if I was seriously going to have to check a full cart at the self check out lane. Yep, but she would help me. Well, if help meant chit chat about this, that and the other, while I fumbled through produce codes, she helped a lot.

I was just frustrated because a certain person would be waking up as a big four year old any minute. I am already a wreck about this milestone anyway, and missing her sweet face when she emerged from her bedroom would have pushed me over the edge.

A bag boy was also missing from the early morning scene so I can now add that to my list of reasons not to shop in the morning.

I called Jerry as soon as I got driving to see if Jade had already woken up. NO! Woohoo! Thank you, Jesus!

I would have missed this sweet face...

and this one...

ah, those pesky candles!

Jade: You are such a joy to our family. We love you SO much! You are such a caring little girl, often looking out for others needs and giving of yourself. I love how this plays out for me are generous with massages, always come to my rescue when sister or daddy are pestering me, and you even remember to close the bathroom door behind you when you come visit during mommy's shower.

You are so gentle with our animals, even that beastly Duke. Twila adores you...why else would she allow you to do all this with her and get comfortable in the process?

You like things to be in place. Even this afternoon at the dollar store you replaced a toy that was laying in the aisle.

You still call cupcakes "pup"cakes...and I am surely not going to correct you!

You are quite the conversationalist and especially like talking to your grandparents on the phone. They always ask who it is...thinking it must be Lily. You also like to talk to God. I love listening to your prayers...especially the spontaneous ones.

You are a great sister. Lily loves you to pieces. She can't stand it when you fall asleep before her or sleep in much past her. Lily is bored without you, my dear. When you do wake up, you always come in and find us and say, "BOO"!

Perfect popsicle partners...

You are quick to share, whether it is your food, a toy, or your seat in the van.

You are still my baby though. Sadly, one of the things I love most about you right now is how fidgety you get when you are scared. It is so cute and it makes me happy that you are still glad for me to be close by!

Probably not for much longer though...

Jade, how old are you?

And you slapped those four fingers right on our finger paint cake when mommy asked. You're compliant too! Most of the time anyway... ;)

Looking forward to celebrating with family and friends this weekend!


Kristi said...

Oh, she is so precious!!! Happy birthday, sweet girl.

I Just Want A Cup Of Coffee said...

Jade is a SWEETHEART! Happy Birthday, Jade! :)

Rachelle said...

Happy Birthday, Jade! Can't wait to hear about the party!

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