Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ending the Bloggy Neglect

Well, hello there! Though I am pretty sure I am probably having a one sided conversation at this point. I had a moment, actually I have a week of moments, so I thought I might attempt to update the ol' blog a bit.

You might wonder how I have come upon a "week of moments". Must give a huge shout out to my in-laws for taking the girls this week. It started out as an innocent text to my MIL last Friday to see if they could watch the girls one day this week because I needed to go into the office. She responded that they couldn't watch them here, because they were headed to GA for the week, but that they would be happy to take them along.

Enter a pause, some consideration, amazement, etc, and then I responded with, "R U serious?"

So the short story is that after a long road trip, they are spending some time with not only Memmy and Paw for the week, but also their aunt, uncle and cousin who live in Georgia.

It has been...restful.

Apparently I am all slept out though because I woke up for boot camp this morning at 5AM like I had to rush back to children so Jerry could leave for work.

So yes, Boot Camp is a new adventure for me. Just trying to entertain the masses on T/TH mornings. Someone told me my muscles are just sore because I haven't worked out some of them in years. Um yeah...I replied that I was pretty sure some of these muscles hadn't been worked out ever. It has been quite a comical endeavor. I like to joke to my boot camp buddy that we really could just leave and head to Starbucks!

Another new endeavor we are starting is HOMESCHOOLING! What is funny is that for this whole past year of Lily being in private kinder, I have been thinking to myself that I really need to update my little info paragraph over there to take off the "homeschooling" comment. Ha! I guess the time to shoot me is NOW! Several factors brought us to this decision and I think I am finally at peace with it. I think the scariest transition for me is going to be going from a "drop-off" mom to an..."oh, there's Kerry, her girls must be in tow as well" mom. I must admit that I have enjoyed my 5 hours of MDO each week even if it was mainly used to work, breathe, and just not be talked to.

I have been neck deep in curriculum selection since April and have pretty much made my picks for the year. I am doing Explode the Code with the girls all summer and hope to jump into the rest by early August. Once I get all our choices ordered and in, I hope to dedicate a post entirely to that.

After taking a break from seminary this spring while he traveled to India and Indonesia, Jerry is back hard at work again. Greek II and Greek III are on the summer menu. It's Greek to me for sure! ;)

Between those two classes we are taking a road trip with the girls to WI for one of my cousin's weddings. We are looking forward to it, though it is bittersweet for me as it will be my first time going there with neither of my grandparents alive anymore. :(

Before all that though, we have a certain little Jader Tater who is turning FOUR. NEXT WEEK! Plans for a Rapunzel party are underway.

Here is Jade standing on the "4"0 yard line last weekend during a tour of Cowboys Stadium.

It was ridiculous to see PACKER fans there! Ugh. So thankful that our Mavs won the playoffs at least or it would have been hard to show our face in Wisconsin this summer.

Seriously...for them to win the Super Bowl in OUR stadium? It just can't get much worse than that.


Kristi said...

Hi Kerry!
Bootcamp? I am impressed...and sore just reading about it. Ha! Sounds like you are already having a wonderful summer, just as it should be. You are correct. We do live out west but we are often in the Metroplex area; I am from Arlington and love to get back there as often as possible. The girls and I are planning a back to school shopping weekend very soon. Blessings to you!

Uncle Al & Aunt Lisa said...

Really ...the Packers are the BEST TEAM EVER! I know you all were rooting for them with us! :) Com'on you can be honest they will still let you live in TX. We are so looking forward to having you all here! Safe travels as it will be here befor you know GO PACK! Love ya all...cowboys and all! :)


Anonymous said...

I must correct my wife. It could be worse. Some East Coast would be worse. The Stealers would be the worst of all.


H-Mama said...

bootcamp and homeschool? you go, girl! {welcome to the club...*giggle*} your girlie is looking so grown up... something we never want to hear, right? precious.

Christina said...

welcome back to blog world!
i am impressed u are going to homeschooling. i have trouble working with makenna on her reading class every night for 15 minutes!

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