Tuesday, February 1, 2011

9 Seconds of "Sledding" Fun and other possible captions

Our "snow" day here in Texas is actually more of an "ice" day. With no snowmen to build, we decided to make use of an empty rubbermaid.

Alternative captions that come to mind:

What Texans do when it freezes!
Oh yeah!
Daddy, please don't break anything!
Faux Sledding
The sled-maid
Next Craig's List Search: Authentic Sleds
Sitting by the fire with cocoa only lasts so long.

What do you think? I think, well actually Jerry verbalized it first, that our relatives' Green Bay Packers should have left their stinkin' weather at home!


Alana said...

That is awesome! We have a slight bit more here...haha! Enjoy!

Rachelle said...

So fun! Your girls will remember it forever.

jenny said...

lol i do that up here in wis use rbbermaid boxs and what not lots of fun right now we are geting hit realy bad from the snow i cant see out my windos thats just how bad it is

Anita said...

Looks so fun! :-) I bet the girls won't forget this anytime soon. :-)

R said...

oh, what beautiful houses! those are exactly the style i'd pick for us if i could. :0)

H-Mama said...

oh my goodness. crack. me. up. we'll have to keep this in mind over the next couple of days. ha.

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