Saturday, February 5, 2011

Reflections from our Snow Week 2011

It was soooo good to see the sun come out today!

I honestly don't know how people live with all this white stuff for more than a few days at a time.

Now that it is thankfully melting away, I have a few reflections on our snow week:

1. I don't like it when "the weather IS the news".

2. As much as we desperately needed some quality family time, 4 days of staring at each other is plenty.

3. In that time we actually did more than staring. We completed many puzzles, played lots of games, watched too many movies, painted, and left no hiding place unused during hide-n-seek.

4. Which is why is it is good that it actually SNOWED Friday. Ice is so overrated.

5. We are simply not equipped. The city of Dallas doesn't own a single snow plow. 5-6 inches on top of ice can really wreak havoc.

6. It is possible for momma to do the splitz. Right there on the sidewalk. Without even stretching! Who knew? Well, now Jerry and the girls do after witnessing my slip into the splitz. Ouch!

7. But back to the snow itself. Boy was I thankful for it. Lily lost her third tooth Thursday and was awaiting a tooth fairy visit that night. When she stumbled into our room early Friday morning, she was so disappointed to see her tooth remained and no prize was left. I am not sure how I got my thoughts about me so quickly, but I found myself muttering something about how her wings would have gotten damaged by all the snow. Snow? Lily was off to the back window and the tooth fairy was off the hook. Whew!

8. Though Lily had one less tooth, she sure did plenty of eating. We all did actually. I think I may have broken my own record for number of breakfasts, lunches, and dinners cooked in a row for my family.

9. These cheeks are even cuter when they're pink.

10. The hill by the library makes for good sledding. We were thrilled to run into some good friends who had a real, authentic, actual sled. You know, the kind made of wood with metal rails. Why did they have such a thing? Their Dad grew up in PA. And they were kind enough to share it!

11. Sometimes Daddy makes a better sled mate! Crash!

12. It is possible to sweat in below freezing temperatures.

13. We weren't alone in our "sled-maid" idea. Other sled substitutes seen on the hill were: ice chest lids, sheets of insulation, cardboard boxes, and pool intertubes.

14. Lily had great fun on a little pink one.

15. While my other one, dressed in pink, was more comfortable at the library's park rather than the library's hill.

That's okay, Jade. Momma's not too sure about all this white stuff either.

What's your take on it?


Rachelle said...

Glad you guys had a fun sledding day! So fun! For a second there I thought Jerry was going to fly right out in the street on that sled!

I'm glad your snow is melting, the Yankee folks are giving the southern folks a hard time about not knowing how to host a football game. Something about "snow idiots are bigger in Texas"! UGH! Y'all show them how it's done.

Christina said...

i am glad yall finally got some family time! it was nuts out here too! there is a reason i only moved to the north for three years!

Mama Belle said...

How fun! We have to settle for just ice down here.

Nicole - Life in Progress said...

Well, we will still have snow here for WEEKS. But, I'm with you on welcoming the sun. It blazed all day here today, and even though it is still FRIGID it felt warmer!

H-Mama said...

oh my... such cute pix and videos. #2 made me giggle. ;)

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