Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Relief Short Lived

I was so excited as I wrote that last post.

Went in the next morning and passed the baton back to Jerry's assistant who had returned from medical leave. Nearly skipped out of there and immediately called a couple SAHM friends in efforts to rejoin the circles I had left so abruptly in November.

Took my girls to the dentist...which is actually a very fun outing for them and then we went to the park to feed the ducks. The fun of unstructured days had returned and the farming them out to gain work time had ended.

Then I got a brief text from Jerry. "She resigned".

Effective immediately I am once again my hubby's assistant. Brings new meaning to "sleeping with your boss". ;)

Hoping this will be a 4-6 week stint while they search for a permanent replacement.

I am remembering that I actually do like blogging and used to come wind down here often. That being said I hope to throw a few posts up now and then again and even visit some of your pages soon. Shocker!


Rachelle said...

Prayers. I don't know how your doing it.

Christina said...

wow! i did miss your blog posts! now i know where u went! maybe they just might want to hire you full time :)

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