Friday, September 3, 2010

Lily's First Day of Explorers

Explorers = 2 day Kindergarten Program

A little nervous excitement. How can I tell she is nervous? She can't keep her tongue in her mouth!

Shots with our carpool buddy...and possibly current love of her life. His mommy and I are secretly saving these pics for their wedding video. ;)

And another sweet pic with a MWF buddy after opening chapel.

These two are exactly one month apart, we'll look forward to hanging out with them more in first grade!

Her sweet teacher...Mrs. Barth. (Not BARF, as the video may have led you to believe! ;)

No tears shed on any account...only a little hesitation noted when this last shot was taken as we left the room.

A short, non-rotated, post school video clip...cut short by the carpool lady flipping the sign to "GO!".

Here is a look at their week:
Bible: The Garden of Eden
Cain and Abel
Memory Verse: “The Lord’s Prayer”

Language Letter Recognition: A – O
Arts: Parts of a Sentence
Oral Language - Apples

Math: Matching and Sorting

Tales: “Jack and the Bean Stalk”

Spanish: Sra. Adams

History: Biblical Times

Geography: Measuring Distance

Poetry: My Dog, Marchette Gaylord

Art: A King Charles Spaniel, Charles Manet

Music: Raindrop Prelude, Chopin

Notes: We had a great first week! Thank you all so much for your prayers and encouragement. I am falling in love with your precious children.

We are going to love this place!

The afternoon concluded with a quick park playdate...cut way short by an attack of crazy bees. Our kids must be sweeter than we thought!

The two little sisters will start PK3 together next week.

Oh, and I can't forget the celebratory spaghetti and meatballs dinner.

Note to self: white uniform shirt + spaghetti dinner = not a good idea.

I am thankful for many sweet things...schools, friends, and teachers. I am hopeful for a wonderful year.

Praying for that attitude to continue as soccer, tap, ballet, carol choir, indian princess, seminary, and bible studies begin next week. *sigh*


Christina said...

wow kindergarten!!! she is getting so big. i think that is one of the two schools my sister-in-law is looking into. kids look so much older in uniforms.
you have a lot going on! my goodness!

Laura @ Our House of Joyful Noise said...

Your daughter is a doll! I really love those uniforms. What a great program too. I really like the agenda from the teacher. It's sounds like so much fun! Wishing her a fabulous year!

Jennifer said...

i was thinking the same exact thing about the white shirt + spaghetti before i even read your comment! ha! because i am so cheap and those white chapel shirts are so expensive, i won't tell you what ours look like by the end of the year! :) have a great kindergarten year lily!

Wilson Family said...

Ok, I have to comment! Does Lily plan on marrying twice?:) Because Conner does not! And he has not been even looking at any other girls!
Glad things are going over there on that side of the world! We miss you guys!

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