Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The only thing that poured was rain...not tears!

It has been an interesting past two weeks. While Lily trotted off to Kindergarten, I have had some precious solo time with Jade. It was quickly apparent though, that little sis is a bit lost without big sis around. Lily directs her play, picks the roles, assigns the barbies, suggests meal choices, etc. The list goes on and on. And Jade is quite happy to leave all the decision making up to big sis.

So, when it came time last Thursday to go meet Jade's new preschool teacher, I was not surprised when it didn't go over so well. Jade has always attended the same school as Lily. Though in different classes, Lily and I would usually drop Jade off first and then Lily would go to her class. Walking into school without big sis in stride was difficult.

"Meet the Teacher" day was a rainy one. But rain wasn't the only thing coming down. The tears were just a flowing. After that experience I wasn't quite sure how the official first drop off would go this morning. It was yet another rainy day...

But even amid the chaos of parents, siblings, umbrellas, lunch bags, backpacks, cameras and napmats, Jade remained confident. Cheerful. Smiley!

She walked right in and never looked back.
So thankful the only puddles to dodge on my way out were those of rain, not tears!


My2Gs said...

Can you believe that our little babes are preschoolers? Gauge was supposed to start preschool today...however he's home sick with a stomach bug. Grace started Kindergarten today :(

Michelle said...

She is such a doll! Yea for Jade and a great first day. I think we are living mirrored lives - Bear's meet the teacher didn't go so well either, but his first day was great!
Hope you enjoyed your day, too!

H-Mama said...

She's such a cutie!!

Izzy said...

Awww...so sweet..the little sister's feeling lonely just on the big sis first day of school. Sisterhood is amazing. <3

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