Monday, August 30, 2010

A poem to keep the cleaning funk at bay...

I emailed this to my hubby a little bit ago...someone has to know my misery. And plus the fact that I have cleaned all day and actually have dinner planned too has got to have him thinking something is desperately wrong. And that thought might just get him to leave work on time...

i have been a cleaning, cleaning, cleaning machine!
but this very tired girl is losing her steam.

the girls have helped me shoo the dust,
and boy was that job a dirty must.

i have moved furniture to vacuum each room,
it would look clean to my camera, even on zoom.

jade has missed her afternoon nap...oh the wrath.
i am hoping they'll settle for a relaxing bubble bath.

after that it is an early dinner time,
hope for them to be down by seven and a dime!
And just while I typed this the girls managed to find "interesting" things in the guest room closet to dismantle and spread all over the house. Lord have mercy.

I'd love to know what you do to keep cleaning fun. How much do you involve your kids in it? And it what ways?

If you are the kind that moves your furniture every time you vacuum, I don't want to know about it. ;)

But if you have a maid, please do tell. How often? How much? I won't judge!

And then wave your magic wand so that line item will somehow fit into our budget. The one that just got overhauled due to a little thing called private school tuition.

But she does look adorable in her soon, I promise!


Rachelle said...

Well, I tried to get my housein tip top shape before the boys surgery.You can be sure I put them to work. They enjoy moving the dining room chairs and light things for me so i can sweep... but right now... I need a maid. At least for these two weeks. Yesterday I did four loads of dishes. The laundry is piling high... SIGH...

R said...

i used to want a maid. but God has changed my thinking over the last couple of years. i actually find joy in that part of my ministry to my family now. there is no greater joy for me to come home to a clean house, so i can't think of anyone better to give my family the same joy and take care of them in that way than me. i don't dread it anymore or curse it--i feel like it's a privilege! so now, i can't fathom spending money on someone to clean our home. i've prayed and prayed for God to change my heart on this, and He has!

and it doesn't hurt that i like to clean anyway. :0)

i used to clean during the childrens' naptime, but i decided this year that their naptime should be my rest time, too. and i feel very strongly that they need to see that it takes work to make a home run smoothly. so i do the cleaning and laundry during their wake time, and i incorporate them in everything. they love to help clean!

granted, i don't do much deep, detailed 'OCD' cleaning like i really like. i had to let that go for my sanity and theirs--it's not healthy for them to see me freak out cleaning all day. (i'd spend a day cleaning baseboards with a toothbrush if i'd let myself.) i don't want them to grow up like me!

it's not anything earth shattering, but i start from the top up each week--one day i dust all the horizontal surfaces. the next day i do all the floors. the next day i clean the two bathrooms. or i break it up into one bathroom a day. the other days are left for big projects i might be working on, or i might spend a week deep-cleaning a particular room that needs attention at a given time--but only a little bit of attention to it each day. i do at least one load of laundry each day.

wow--sorry for the novel! this is one of my favorite topics! just sharing what works for us. i might add that we're in a tiny two-bedroom duplex currently, and our children are not in preschool or mother's day out or anything like that. so those are 'outside the norm' factors. :0)

love your poem!

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