Thursday, August 19, 2010

Kindergarten letters

Lily starts kindergarten next week. I am excited. Not really feeling blue at all.

I am sure that is partly due to it only being two days a week. And partly because I am so excited about her school and teachers and classmates, etc.

We received a precious letter from her teacher last week. Knowing that she is praying for us as we start this new endeavor is definitely comforting.

Here is Lily's response letter:

Hopefully her teacher isn't baffled by Lily's love for 3 legged earless cats.


Rachelle said...

What a sweet letter....

Michelle said...

That is adorable! I'm impressed with her penmanship. Good luck with kindergarten - I know Lily is going to do amazing!

Candis said...

Love that writing (especially her abundant use of exclamation marks)! That's my kind of girl! :)

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