Thursday, November 5, 2009

Some laughter to lighten the load...

As I am typing this, my sweet father-in-law is being taken back for open heart surgery. We are so thankful that they caught the blockage issue before a heart attack occurred...and with the quadruple bypass that he is getting today, he should outlive us all. With the seriousness of all that, there hasn't been much laughter around here. Our daddy has been with his daddy since late Tuesday night, while momma is holding down the home front a couple of hours away.

When daddy isn't around, dinner is usually consists of something easy...or even easier...a trip out. I just don't know what it is about Boston Market and the comments it produces from you remember this incident?

At least last night she had the courtesy to talk in a lower voice, and the subject was out of earshot.

Lily: Mommy. Mommy. Why does that lady over there have such big boobies?

Me: What lady?

Lily: The one over the black shirt.

Me: Oh. Wow. (After determining it wasn't a plastic surgery case, I decided to respond.) Well, honey...God makes different people in different sizes.

Lily: Oh. So He gave her big boobs and you a big butt.

Me: Um, yeah. Something like that.


Given the apparent heart issues in the family, we were considering a cardiac diet. After that conversation, it seems we need to combine it with the derriere diet as well.


My2Gs said...

Oh my goodness, that is so funny! How many shades of red did you turn?

~ Lacie

Growin' with it! said...

hey, at least it was your little GIRLS who said it and not boys. that is even more embarassing, let me tell ya! hope the surgery is smooth and a great success.

Tricia Hoffmann said...

I got that one last night too. Trinity said "Mommy, when is your tummy going to get smaller?" Please, step away from the food! Praying for Hollis...this has always been one of my absolute favorite name for a boy. It was on my short list. Hope he's recovering well

James Brown said...

{Rolling on the floor..., laughing..., cannot breathe....}

It's amazing what kids can say. I've been around my little cousins when they toss out a few zingers that are just hilarious and they don't realize it.

I'm praying for Jerry and his dad. Hope everything goes well.

Lisa said...

Just too funny!!! I hadn't checked in with you in awhile and I could help but laugh that we titled a Halloween post almost the same thing and that KayLi and Lily have the same pink glitter shoes! Thanks for the laughter!

H-Mama said...

So, how did you determine that it wasn't surgery? hehe...
Kids. Gotta love 'em. This is hilarious.

AmyB said...

That is priceless. Send it in to Parenting magazine or someplace.

Rachelle said...

Lot's of prayers. You were all on my mind many times today.

So, you will have to let Lily know that I have a BIG EVERYTHING before I see y'all next time or she will have MANY questions! :) HA! She is hilarious!

whatsherface :) said...

ROFL!!!!!!! My kinda girl!! :)

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Oh, ouch!

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