Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Matchy, Matchy !?!

I love matching PJs for the girls. These were the ones I bought for Christmas morning and that they those to wear to preschool for PJ day.

Who can pass up PJs with little tutus? Not me.

Of course I also like to go matchy, matchy with Christmas outfits and church clothes. I know my days are numbered for this for two reasons....first, the girls are going to eventually tire of it and realize they aren't twins. And secondly, they're sizes aren't in the same department at many stores anymore. That last reason is much more likely to stop me than their whining would.

They wore these outfits to their Christmas program and several other holiday get togethers.

I tend to go matchy, matchy in other areas of life too...which totally gets on my husbands nerves. Whether it is home decor or my own wardrobe, I lean towards overly matching rather than loosely coordinating. In home decor I buy too much red. Clothing? Black is the color of choice. I've been made fun of for that for years now. Hasn't changed me though!

You should be proud that although we started out with 3 black kitties and one orange one that these are the two we ended up with. Orangi is a girl and Blacki is a boy.

For now anyway...they have a little operation scheduled for next week.

Two black cats would have been perfect...but Orangi had stolen Lily's heart. Oh well.

Where do you fall? Are you a matchy, matchy type? Hopefully I'm not alone.


R said...

welcome back! i've missed you! :0)

i'm definitely matchy-matchy, and i feel the same way you do about my girls. it's to the point where my oldest won't let me dress her anymore, and her younger sister is taking her lead. rats!!

Growin' with it! said...

i dressed my boys alike for years! and once i stopped i noticed every once in awhile they'd do it themselves. worried i had warped them there for a bit! your cuties are adorable!

Rachelle said...

Hello, Twins here! I will ride the matchy, matchy wave for as long as I can.

Laura said...

Such cute outfits!!

H-Mama said...

Welcome back! I used to match the girls, but they've come of age where they demand their own tastes apart from each other. It was fun while it lasted. For myself, I'm trying to expand my horizons. ;)

The outfits and kittens are adorable.

Candis said...

I said I would never be a matchy-matchy person and then I found out we were going to have another little girl! I've already found matching outfits for next Christmas at the sales and bought a matching "hospital" outfit! I told Dennis that I would try not to get out of control but... :)

Anonymous said...

Glad you're back. Know it took a tremendous effort with all you have on your plate. Be Safe. Love MOM

Jennifer McCall said...

Yes I am! It's hard to pull off sometimes, but I try to get everyone to match. New PJs to wear Christmas Eve/Morning is my absolute favorite, although they don't match much anymore.

Love the kitties! They sure grow fast. My husband and I got a yellow tabby and a black cat when we got married, but both are gone now. Thinking about getting Rachel a kitten for her bday in March but not sure if we want an indoor pet again. How do you manage the kitty potty issues? We had one cat pass away long before the other and that second one used the outdoors and we didn't have to use a litter box. Not sure if I want to start that again, but I'm sure there are new and improved systems nowadays.

Sorry for such a long comment. You are super busy with the move.

Amy@My Front Porch said...

I'm definitely matchy-matchy. I'm afraid it inhibits my home decorating :) I too have a problem with too much red!

Mama Hill said...

I have two boys. My aunt got them their first matching outfits for Christmas! It's pretty cute! I think I will do it often. It's not as cute as little girls, though! I'm glad I have boys because I would go broke buying all the little cutie girl things...including pjs with tutus!

Becca said...

I am incapable of I go the opposite way LOL

Your daughters' matching outfits are adorable tho! Who knew PJs came with tutus?

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