Wednesday, September 23, 2009

U5 Soccer: The Real Story

Well, finally the rain subsided and The Pixies got to play their first game.

And I got to realize that any thoughts I had about soccer not being competitive at this age were thought in vain.

We were hoarse after the game from yelling with excitement.

But that isn't the real story.

And the fact that Lily looks so cute in her soccer gear, crowned with her cute ribbons that my awesome friend Michelle made, isn't the real story either.

Nope. The fact that they won 10-7, and Lily scored two goals, and we have a star player named Mia that reminds us all of Mia Hamm...those aren't the headlines either.

The headline is about this guy.

The daddy coach who tapped his feet all the way to the game that just couldn't start soon enough. The guy who has a game plan and really cares and really loves these little girls that are now called The Pixies.

The guy that is just now getting his voice back. Lost through the new bonding experience that causes him to shout, "To the goal, baby, to the goal", to his one day shy of five little girl. The girl who looks back over her shoulder with a grin, knowing her daddy is proud of her.

Ten years of marriage and two kids later and I am still getting to see a new side of my husband...stick around soccer, you make me smile.


Michelle said...

Yea! Go Pixies! What a sweet story. It's fun to see each new stage and how much more we have to give our kids and how much more we receive in return.
Oh and Lily has my number!!!

Rachelle said...

Go Lily! Lily looks confident and happy standing there with her daddy! That's good stuff!

Jennifer Rutherford said...

This is so SWEET and you're a great writer! Glad the rain finally stopped so they could play!

jennifer said...

oh so cute! love it.

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