Tuesday, September 1, 2009

6 four year olds and a size 3 ball

Let the U5 soccer fun begin.

This is going to be an exceptionally fun adventure for us as Lily figures out if she should call the coach by, "Coach Gibson", or simply "daddy". I'm sure he'll answer to either.

We really didn't intend for him to coach. I mean he has played soccer all of his life, and was more than happy to assist, but with his work schedule and the time change on the way, we weren't really sure he could swing all the practices...especially if they didn't want to be playing in the dark.

He volunteered to assist. Then he suddenly started receiving emails about submitting his team name and color choice. Huh? He replied back for 3 weeks stating that he'd only be able to commit to assisting. No response. None.

So, with the season quickly approaching we began to get worried when Lily never heard from her coach regarding upcoming practices, etc. With Jerry getting no response via e-mail, I marched myself up to the Rec soccer office and inquired in person. I went at it from the angle of my daughter not having heard anything from her coach. The lady gladly looked her up in the computer system and said, well, it says here that her coach is Jerry Gibson, isn't that her father? Uh, yes.

So to make a long story short, Daddy will now be known as Coach Gibson for the next ten Saturdays and Wednesdays.

Here is Lily and her buddy Mia, a neighbor girl who Lily happens to be a whopping 5 days older than...who is now her fellow teammate as well.

Notice the pink and purple? We were hoping for pink or purple jerseys. Well, seeing as we were a little late in the game when it came to picking names/colors we were just assigned one. Out of the 29 U5 girls teams in our league, it seems they had plenty of pink and purple requests. Guess what color we got? Lime Green. Dear Lord, may it please be a cute lime green and not a crazy fluorescent yellowish green.

I just got an email that the uniforms are in and ready to be picked up this evening. I'll have to post an update later.

Oh, and did I mention that one reason Jerry decided to coach was that according to the soccer office one of the mom's had already volunteered to be team manager/team mom. Yeah, right. We emailed her to thank her for offering to help and let her know that she needed to get her background check sent in. We got an immediate response stating that she had double checked her daughter's registration form and that she had not volunteered to help in this way. Great.

That's when I got a new assignment from the Head Coach. I'm reporting to you as Assistant Coach of the Lime Green Pixies. I've never played a day of soccer in my life.

Lord, help us all.


Rachelle said...

Your the Assistant Coach? I guess I missed this from our last conversation... or maybe you did not know yet! HA! I'm sooooo sorry for how hard I'm laughing right now, friend.My boys actually are laughing at me laughing at you. I can only imagine the look on your face as Jerry told you! I'm having flashbacks of your face on that Black Diamond we ended up on during a college ski trip! All kidding aside - Your a good sport! I would say Lily owes you one. I would have freaked!

Michelle said...

I love that we are taking on this challenge at the same time! I'll send you the drill suggestions as soon as I get them from the commissioner. Oh, and I love the team name ~ I can't wait to see the jerseys. Did I tell you ours just happen to be maroon?

Growin' with it! said...

funny how these men of ours volunteer out of the goodness of their hearts and God had something just a bit more in mind!☺

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