Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Fun in the 4x5 bathroom for 45 minutes

I was taking a much needed snooze upstairs when my hubby awoke me with news of tornado warnings.

The girls were already in the tiny "central" downstairs bathroom, and when Jerry and I joined them there I knew we were in for some fun. They were in hyperactive mode and loving our "adventure".

As the winds picked up and the lights flickered we uttered prayers to our God in heaven and hunkered down.

Then the playing continued.

Zipping and unzipping the sofa cushions as well as flashlight play were the top two faves.

Lily even took a potty break in the midst of us. Thankfully it was just a little tee-tee.

Soon enough we surveyed the damage and found several limbs down, potted plants overturned and broken, and patio furniture blown everywhere. I was surprised to see that our little "roller coaster", which locks together, was separated and blown throughout the yard.

Most notably though we lost about 40% of the siding on our chimney.

Thankfully I haven't heard of any injury reports and everyone is resting soundly in this house anyway...lulled to sleep by the soft rain.

And this mama is about to see if it can work its magic on her as well.

Goodnight, folks!


Rachelle said...

Wonder what it would have been like to be on the little roller coaster in the storm? Shew... Glad y'all are OK!

Angela said...

Wow! Glad to hear everyone was alright!

H-Mama said...

glad everyone is safe!

Christina said...

i am glad yall had very little damage. we were only in the bathroom for 10 minutes until makenna couldn't handle it anymore. i can't believe the weather is still bad and it is 6am.

Jennifer @ Taking My Time said...

Glad it was just a little tee tee. I would hate the other while trapped in the bathroom during a storm! Glad everyone's ok. Your post brought back memories of our similar little adventure!

Southern Comfort said...

I am really glad that your family is ok after the storms. And the girls didn't seem scared at all. I remember being in the hallway with my kids, under the metal staircase during bad weather and they had such a good time that we stayed at lot longer than we needed to.

Jeni said...

Glad you're okay! I always enjoyed those "adventures" as a kid. No sense of the danger involved. =)

Jenn @ A Country Girl's Ramblings said...

So glad you are all safe and sound!

Melissa :) said...

Even though your home received damage, praise God that's all it was. It was one hoppin' night, that's for sure.

Michelle said...

Glad you guys are okay. I bet the girls will remember that experience for a while! The storms made their way here tonight and I was lucky enough to get to act out "the 3 Bears" and "the 3 Little Pigs" a million times as we waited for the storms to pass so we could give the kids a bath.

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