Sunday, May 31, 2009

What we've been up to...

at least according to my digital camera.

Disclaimers: 1) pictures are in no particular order 2) some events/outings missing (ie; first family bike ride of the season and Lily's last day of preschool activities) 3) notice that blogging is not included...might be resolved when my shiny new laptop arrives this week.

getting to know new babies

playing on "spider webs"

hanging with friends

over-feeding fish

posing for pictures

learning the "fake smile"

testing the water

"what? I told you I'd get in!"

practicing the "fake smile" some more

swimming in what could be the best $30 ever spent

making disturbing water gun shots
(i didn't get a shot of the one where Lily had the gun pointed in her own mouth...nice!)

playing princess golf
(see that hot pink bandaid?...that would be a reminder of our little ER trip over Memorial Day weekend...can you say "allergy induced asthma attack" five times fast?)
I just hope the blood drawer dude doesn't send us the bill for his hearing aid.

serious golfing

celebrating Memmy's 97th birthday

taking care of a friend's baby while pretending to still be one

swimming, swimming, swimming

cooling off with doesn't count if its not Bahama year round

perfecting that silly smile

playing at the "sand restaurant"

your kids play while you eat/drink on the patio...who needs a sitter?!?

admiring sandy piggies

That's all folks!


Laura said...

Two words: Busy & FUN!!

Laura said...
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H-Mama said...

adorable! 'fake smile' and all. ;)

Rachelle said...


life with the wisners said...

I loved this. And I love me some picture posts. Sand restaurant? Is over by you, right? We gotta try that.

And when did jade get such cute hair? I love it.

Southern Comfort said...

All those things look like so much fun. The ER trip however, not so much fun. Hope your summer continues to fill up your digital camera-and share the pictures with us!

Jennifer Rutherford said...

We too have experienced the allergy induced asthma attack ER fun for the kid and no fun for the parent when the bill comes!

You MUST tell me about this sand/patio & drinks restaurant...sounds like heaven to me!

Carolina Mama said...

Kerry, You won! Yes, you won the lovely and adorable JJ Janie Jewelry case! Janie is BooMama's sister! And these are so cute. I have one and use it at home too. :) Email me your details and I"ll pass it along. :)

Dana said...

Ah, the fake smile. It'll likely be years before you can take a picture of a real one again, unless you take it unawares. :)

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

That is a lot of pics, girl - and I loved them all!

We have a little plastic pool for Savannah, but every time I pass the giant one with the built in slide like you have, I look at it longingly. That looks big enough for me to get in! :)

Growin' with it! said...

what a great idea to look thru your camera. your daughter sure has the adorable "fake" smile down!

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