Monday, April 29, 2013

Dance Finale

When Lily started dancing many years ago as an almost 3 year old, I took on my first "mommy title"...that of Ballet Mom. Since then I have assumed many different titles as our first born loves to try any and every activity.

"Ballet Mom" has always been the longest reigning one though and it has been special.  Lily loves to perform and her smile lights up the stage. She is such a joy to watch...even back at this very first performance.

Soon enough Lily had a little sister who also took the stage. While Lily's first recital was memorable because she actually knew the steps, Jade's was memorable for a different reason.

We are not sure if she knew the steps or not, because she stood in one place the whole time...hands covering her ears and shouting, "It is TOO LOUD. It is TOO LOUD!"  We could actually read her lips from the balcony.  It was hilarious! I never uploaded that video and now I am not even sure where it is, but oh my goodness, I am so glad it is forever ingrained in my memory. Here is a shot of Sailor Jade (almost 3 yrs old)!

Jade's love affair with dance wasn't quite as strong as Lily's. Lily started this year of ballet with the goal of being on point in a few years. But as the year went on her interested waned. We have been encouraging her to really decide what she wanted to do activity wise and she knew something had to go.  What would it be though? We had already given up piano, so would it be soccer, choir, softball, basketball or ballet?

At the same time Jade's interest was waning too.  So we are glad it ended up being an easy decision!

Last night was their final dance recital. It was Lily's 7th performance and Jade's 4th and they danced their hearts out!

Its been fun. Lots of great memories!

{I am so behind on acoustic neuroma posts...soon though, soon!)

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