Thursday, March 28, 2013

Grandparent's Day (including 6 wk post op pic)

Our Easter break officially started today with a fun event for grandparents at the girls' school.  Lily was especially excited because she was the only one in her class that had two sets of grandparents coming.

But then the phone rang...Jerry's mom, Memmy to the girls, was sick and they weren't able to come. Boy did the tears flow.  It was so sad.

They did cheer up in time for the program.  Lily's grade recited Psalm 121 and then sang 50 Nifty United States.  Jade's grade sang the cutest timeline song. She was the "woman of progress". Then we visited their classrooms where they got to show off some work and introduce their grandparents to their teachers.

So thankful for grandparents! (My parents...Papa & Gramma aka Papa Dean & Gramma Jean!)

Missed you Memmy and Paw!

Silly Daddy!

 Here I am at 6 weeks after surgery. I feel great!


Still hoping my left eye will relax some. Both my neurotologist and ophthalmologist mentioned that usually the eye on the side of the surgery site would be more droopy than normal...but mine is opposite. Weird! Not a big deal...especially since I can look back at old pix and see that some asymmetry was present before surgery too.

I often look at the clock on these weekly anniversary dates of my surgery. It was around noon today when at lunch my dad said something to the effect of how it was hard to believe where I was at this hour 6 weeks ago. Yep. I guessed I was about 3 hours in to surgery...probably the neurotologist had just finished his part and the neurosurgeon was beginning to resect the tumor.

Even as I type this, I think back to 6 weeks ago from this hour. I distinctly remember awaiting a 1AM cat scan to check for bleeding on the brain. Y'all prayed...and He answered. So thankful to be on this side of it now. Part of me wondered back then if I would be up to attending something like Grandparent's Day at this point. Though some friends were surprised to see me there, I was definitely up to it and so glad for that!

I hope your Easter weekend is especially good.  I know this one will be special for our family!

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