Wednesday, May 25, 2011

One Sick Tater

Our little Jader Tater has been SICK.

I am so thankful for our healthy kids. I realized yesterday as Jade threw up for no less than the 8th time, that our kids are rarely sick. Which makes me at a loss for what to do when they are ill.

Here are some other realizations from the day:

Piggy pillow didn't mind getting close.

But mama preferred to keep her distance. Her feet didn't stink, but the puke sure did.

Kids become disoriented when they are feverish. She walked right by two toilets trying to find a place to throw up. Found me and then vomited on the carpet. Great. That is when I realized that dogs don't just eat their own vomit. Nice.

And then, ahh....she slept. For three hours. On his side of the bed of course. ;) She also puked there.

Tornadoes don't take a break for the sick. Don't be fooled by the color in her cheeks. That was just the fever showing!

Don't they look thrilled? Just about as much as we were to have them up after they had already been sleeping soundly.

Thankfully the storms passed over us and it seems like the tummy bug has passed too.


Rachelle said...

Boo ;/

Kristin Edwards said...

Poor Jade, but HAHAHA! Kerry, you crack me up with just about every post I read. Thanks!

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