Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My better half is in Asia

We sent Daddy off almost two weeks ago! He is helping lead a team from our church of 42 mainly highschool students as they teach English camps in Hong Kong.

I haven't exactly been blogging all the details mainly because I don't want you to break into my house or steal my children while our protector is away.

Kidding. I know that God is our protector, but I still somehow barely sleep when Jerry is away.

Lula sure has helped though. Our way cool friends/neighbors, Nick and Shanda, let us borrow one of their Rhodesian Ridgebacks to be our temporary pet/guard dog while Jerry is away.

Isn't she sweet?

Don't let those eyes fool you though...come through our door and you will be attacked. ;)

What have we been up to in Daddy's absence?

Counting the days until he returns basically. 18. Eighteen. EIGHTEEN!

No, we seriously are not homebound or depressed. We have been to the pool a few times and are just trying to stay cool. Thankful to have such good friends that have invited us over to help pass the time. And also thankful that Jerry has the opportunity to serve in such incredible ways. The team has a blog...mainly posted to by the teenagers, that I swiped this picture from earlier today!

Oh wow, I miss him.

So, why post all this now? Because we are headed out on some travels as well! The girls are heading with Jerry's parents to Atlanta for a few days while I fly up to Pennslyvania to see Rachelle and meet her twin men!

I CANNOT wait! And since Jerry has our little point & shoot camera in China...I hope to get some practice in PA with our new camera (just charging now, forgive above cell pics)...a little happy 11th anniversary present to ourselves! I know nothing about digital SLRs, but am thinking I can learn alot with Cooper and Zachary as my test subjects!
I hope to be posting from cooler weather soon...


R said...

enjoy! my man's going to be on some travel soon, too, and i'm trying to decide what i'm going to do as well. i don't sleep when he's gone, either, so i'm thinking we may go find something fun to do!

Rachelle said...

It is HOT here! Get ready... Plus we do not have central air, so you may actually be longing for TX by the time you lay your sweet head down your first night here! :) Yes, Z&C love to have their pic taken. you should have seen them posing for our social worker tonight during our home study. See ya tomorrow! We will pick ya up at the curb if that's ok. I don't want to drag Cooper in with his head wound... :(

H-Mama said...

Awwww... I know all too well how it feels when hubs is away. It's great to have a canine companion, yes?

Any food that squeaks is creepy, indeed. Hehe.. ;)

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