Friday, July 11, 2008

Jade survived her 1st birthday party...

and we did too.

I'm sure you've been sitting on pins and needles and losing sleep over the fact that I have yet to post about it. Me too.

It has been a week. WHEW. WHAT A WEEK.

I had to break news about Lily getting her cast off, because, well, that is huge news in our family. Then I planned to post about Jade's party right after that.

But then our A/C went out. In July. In Texas.

And our computer is upstairs. And it is electronic and therefore puts out heat. Like the oven, which I also stopped using.

And then I don't know if it was just from the heat or what, but I got the MOST TERRIBLE HEADACHE. EVER.

So I laid down about 6PM last night for a quick rest. God bless my husband. Every sweet bone in his body.

He fed, bathed, and put both girls down. And I didn't even hear a peep. Not ONE PEEP.

Then, he even went to bed in another room to avoid disturbing me. I love that man.

So, I woke up around midnight. Very confused, very thankful, and VERY ready to blog.

I made a few comments around blogland and then got ready to upload some video, which is challenging for me, and POOF...I lost all connectivity to the internet.

I stayed up til 2:30AM trying to figure it out. Of course I had just slept 6 glorious hours, so that was no biggie. However, I went to bed with no internet and no birthday post and that was just sad.

So, here it is, Friday afternoon. I have just wasted 1.5 hours. An entire 90 minutes. Doing what? On the phone with Verizon trying to get my wireless FIOS restored. This involved several trips up and down the stairs to the hot garage to mess with wires and cords and trying to find tiny reset buttons.

I talked with 3, THREE, different technicians. We discussed connections, Mbps, optimization, routers and adapters. Those words are in a list because I would have no idea how to use them in context in a real sentence.

The third technician had me unplug the wireless adapter (so that's what that little thingy is) and plug it back in. And wouldn't you know it, just like that, my wireless internet is up and running again.

After wasting nearly two hours with all of that technical stuff...especially on a rare day that both of my kids are snoozing...and at the SAME time, my brain just hurts.

I can't think of any narration for the birthday party. I'd hate for you to think that we just made the whole thing up though, so here are some videos of Jader-Tater partaking in her cake.

Or maybe not. I think I've figured out the problem. I just tried to upload from my Flip, and the same internet thing happened again. I'm guessing that little adapter thingy doesn't like my Flip thingy. Ugh.

At least I knew what to do. I just unplugged my Flip and unplugged/replugged the adapter. It took me 90 seconds. Read that, seconds, not minutes. How do you like that, Verizon?

So, I do promise that the party did happen and we survived. I'll have to get my hands on my hubby's laptop though to give her tardy party post the justice it deserves.

Until then,


Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

No AC? In Texas? In July? Oh honey...I can't even imagine. I suppose that, along with your technical woes, is as good an excuse as any for why we haven't gotten the full update on Jader-Tater. :)

Jennifer @ Taking My Time said...

I almost commented on the last post to ask if everything was okay and here you are!
Also, PLEASE tell me how you signed your post! Today I was looking at my email signature and wanted to do that in my blog, but couldn't figure out how. I didn't investigate in blogger.

Carolina Mama said...

Wow, that's saying a lot - no a/c. How did they do it back when,

Rachelle said...

Welcome to my world of no A/C.....I get especially grumpy when I am trying to blow dry my hair.... when it is 110 degrees in the upstairs of my house ...and my sweat keeps it wet....there is noe such thing as a good hair day in the summer.... when living in a house with no A/C....

R said...

Our A/C guy just left our house...for the THIRD TIME in the last couple of weeks. Hopefully this time the problem is solved for good!

Anonymous said...

fantastic very very good post, I will read you in the future

My2Gs said...

You poor thing, you must have been melting! I can't wait to see all the pics and hear all the details of the Jader Tater party :) Also, thank you so much for thinking of Gauge. Isn't blogging awesome. We become friends with people we have never met :)
~ Lacie

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